India, being a traditionally rich country has always captured everyone’s attention for many reasons. Be it culture, art, craft or clothing, India has ruled over the hearts of people around the world. This is the only country in India that has so much to boast of. If we take a notice on the trends in fashion industry, you will realize that it is inspired by India’s bygone era.


The country has enjoyed the period of royalty for years and here it has become reason to showcase the splendor and luxury. The creative fashion designers today are focusing on ethnic designs that are inspired by the royal era. These inspiring designs remind us of the cultural roots and the glorious past. Let’s talk about the traditional Indian clothing that is gaining popularity worldwide.


When it comes to Indian Ethnic Wear for women, the Indian saree always tops the chart. No matter how you look, saree will always add to your beauty. It is the most favourite outfits for Indian women which has gained popularity around the world. The style of draping the saree can also be seen in variety. Nowadays women love to experiment with different styles of Indian saree to grace themselves for any occasion or festivity. Another most talked about outfit is Lehengas or Anarkali which has come a long way now. They have become the introduction of any one who loves to wear Indian outfit. Besides, there are ethnic wear with a twist that make anyone look modern with a traditional touch.


Men are nowhere behind when it comes to fashion. Taking inspiration from the age-old style of India, men can be seen showcasing their kingly look in styled dhoti & kurta coupled with a sense of style. Sherwanis have always been describing the royals of India. Now, it has become a trendy outfit to be worn on wedding or festivity. Men adorn themselves in this elegant traditional outfit with a pair of ‘mojadi’ and stylish turban. Sherwanis are mostly complemented with a matching stole that is kept on shoulder on one side.